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Time Cards & Payroll Reports - Time Cards
Time Cards & Payroll Reports - Time Cards
Written by Matt Panton
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For owners, managers and payroll administrators.

To access these functions, start by clicking the Time Cards & Payroll Reports module


This section allows you to easily identify Over Time and errors per week as well as make edits. The week's start/end time is determined by your workweek settings, which makes it easy to verify that Over Time is correctly calculated.

If an employee forgets to clock out, that time period will not be part of the total hours until it is corrected, nor will it be visible in the payroll. Easily find these errors with the warnings displayed by the employee's name, and in the individual day the errors took place.


To edit a time card, simply click the day card that needs editing.

In the example below, a lunch period needs to be added.
1. Click the editing icon in the last column of the current time entry. (In this case the 9am-5pm row)
2. Enter the time in and out period. (In this case we will do 12pm-1230pm)
3. Select the type of job/break. (In this case lunch)
4. Add.


* You can add periods with specific in/out times or simple durations.

The added entry will split the 9am-5pm period into two segments:


Notice how now the times in this time card are highlighted in red. This indicates the card was adjusted. Click the Audit log blue button on the top right to view the details.


  • Search employees: allows you to find a particular employee by name, one at a time.

  • Filter by task: if your business is set up with tasks, you can narrow your search by selecting one or multiple tasks.

  • Filter by store: allows you to look at one or multiple stores at a time.

  • Hide inactive employees: you may have employees who are not required to clock in/out, if this setting is checked, those employees will not be displayed.

  • Date selector: displays weekly data, based on your business's start/end week days.

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