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Time Cards & Payroll Reports - Payroll
Time Cards & Payroll Reports - Payroll
Written by Matt Panton
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For owners, managers and payroll administrators.

To access these functions, start by clicking the Time Cards & Payroll Reports module


This section allows you to identify, at a glance, the total Regular and Over Time hours every employee has worked in a pay period. The default time is based on your business' payroll dates, you can use the calendar filter to move through past periods or select a specific date range.


Clicking on an employee will display a detailed report of their time card over the selected time period. If an employee forgot to clock out, the associated period will not be listed here, nor will it be part of the time summaries.


This section offers two options for Printing and Exporting time card reports.

  • By employee: print and export an individual report for the time period selected.

  • Global: print all employee time cards at once and download with multiple options for aggregated reports that you can import into your payroll software via a CSV file. By default, these reports are in decimal hours, but can be toggled to display in minutes.


* The Over Time is attributed to each individual "time period", so in case your state requires Over Time after 40 hours per week, any "period" after the first 40 hours will have that time labeled as Over Time regardless of the store it was accumulated at.


  • Search employees: allows you to find a particular employee by name, one at a time.

  • Filter by task: if your business is set up with tasks, you can narrow your search by selecting one or multiple tasks.

  • Filter by store: allows you to look at one or multiple stores at a time.

  • Hide inactive employees: you may have employees who are not required to clock in/out, if this setting is checked, those employees will not be displayed.

  • Date selector: displays data based on your business's pay period.

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