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Barcode Placement
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Barcodes go on the underside of the brand tag or care label. If that is not an option, attach to care label or fabric on the lower left seam.

Some pieces won’t have a tag, or the heat seal won’t adhere to the tag such as silk, sateen finish, or plastic; and others won’t have a tag at all. Find a corner or an inside seam where a barcode will fit inconspicuously. Attaching barcodes in the same place on the same type of piece will make finding barcodes faster, and prevent double coding an item.

DO NOT barcode directly onto leathers, suedes, or garments containing 3% or more nylon/spandex

*Your heat-sealer should always be set to 380F for 8 seconds

IMPORTANT: You should always follow the sequence of the barcodes, DO NOT skip around the roll. If you don't scan a barcode into the system it is extremely difficult to figure out who it belongs to if you have not followed the sequence of the barcodes.

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