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Recommended Event Based Emails
Recommended Event Based Emails
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

This article has ideas for event-based email marketing campaigns like Drip or Outbound (Zendesk Connect). In all of these ideas, you could use promotions or you could simply send an email. With Outbound, you can A/B test your email ideas to see what's most effective.

1. One and Done

If a new customer picks up their first order and doesn't return within 3 weeks, then send an email.

2. Lost Customer

SMRT tracks every customer's spending pattern. Whenever a customer deviates from that pattern by 2, we flag them as lost. If a is flagged as lost, then send an email.

3. No CCOF

If a customer signs up and doesn't leave a credit card on file within 7 days, send them an email explaining the benefits of adding a CC on file.

4. Laundry to DC

If a customer is bringing you laundry and no dry cleaning, send them an email promoting your dry cleaning services.

5. Order Ready 7, 15, 30, 60

When a customer's order becomes ready and isn't picked up within 7, 15, 30, and 60 days send an email at each milestone telling the customer to come to pick up their order.

6. Counter to Route

If you want to push your route business, when a counter customer has orders over a defined dollar value, send them an email advertising your route service.

7. Lost Route Customer

If a route customer misses 4 pickups in a row, send them a coupon or a "We miss you" email.

8. Cancelling Route Customer

If a route customer cancels 4 pickups in a row, send them an email asking if they are on vacation and would like to be put on route hold. Alternatively, send them a promotion for households or a service they don't use frequently to see if you can get something from them.

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