Delivery Module
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Below is an image from the Delivery module. This page will walk through each aspect of this screen!


1 - Routes: This will list each route that is running for the day. That day can be adjusted by clicking the arrows (< , >) right above this and next to the current date.

2 - Drivers: These are the drivers that are currently completing stops on the route listed to the left. The same driver can be listed for multiple routes.

3 - Progress Bar: The green portion of this represents successfully completed stops, the red is "missed" stops (explained more in #8), and the empty space represents stops that have yet to be completed. Hovering over this bar with your mouse will also give you a text break down of these figures!

4 - Print Manifest: Select this to open a window to print the selected day's manifest.

5 - Optimize Route: This appears IF the route is set to be optimized. Optimization is also done automatically so this doesn't normally need to be clicked, but can be to force an Optimization to be ran at that time.

6 - To Do: This corresponds with the empty space on our progress bar, and is the number of stops that still need to be completed.

7 - Done: These are any stops that have been completed, whether they were considered missed OR successful. This will match the total of the red and green of your progress bar.

8 - Missed: Stops that were completed, but also considered missed. A stop is missed if there was no activity at that stop: no bags were picked up nor delivered. This does NOT mean the driver did not go to the stop.

9 - Number of Bags: This small number shows the number of bags ready to be delivered for this stop. Will not appear if no bags are ready (perhaps just a pickup). Can click this number to expand a list of all orders that make up this number.

10 - NOT READY and/or NOT PAID: NOT READY means that there is an order due for this stop that has yet to be completed, not counted in the number from #9. NOT PAID means that there are orders ready to be delivered that have not yet been paid for, and the customer is not set to the Statement payment setting.

11 - Stop Number: There will be a stop number circled in blue which corresponds to the stop number for that customer, specifically for that selected date. There will ALSO be a number right next to this NOT in blue if the route is NOT set to be optimized. This is the customer's stop set in their profile for any static routes. For example, in my static route Michael Jordan could be set to stop 10, but today all of the customers assigned stops 1-9 cancel their pickups. Now, Michael Jordan's stop that shows in BLUE will be 1, and the number next to it will be 10 (the current day's stop # vs the stop # for the static route assuming all stops are active)

12 - Vans: There will be an icon on the map for each driver active and using the app. A black van means that the GPS location has been updated within 15 minutes. A red van means the location has not been updated for 15-30 minutes. And then the van will disappear with no update after 30 minutes.

13 - Stops on Map: All the stops for the selected route will display on the map. Faded stops have already been completed, while solid stops still need to be done. Faded and red stops are missed. If there are any stops with the "map" icon instead of a number (like in this screenshot), that means that stop does not yet have a defined stop number. It was added after the automatic optimization ran, and running optimization by clicking the button from #5 will assign is a stop!

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