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Monthly Billing SMRTx
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

On the first of every month, statements are automatically generated for every customer with the payment setting of "Statement". If the customer has an email on file and has the Email Automatically setting on, they will automatically be emailed their statement. Any customer without an email on file or without the email automatically setting on will need to have their statement printed and mailed.

Follow the steps below to print statements in bulk.

  1. Log into the software in the Chrome Browser or station.

  2. Click on REPORTS from the main page:

  3. Select Receivables from the list of reports on the left:

  4. Select Statement from the Payment Option list.

  5. If you want to restrict the statements that print to a specific route or store select them from the Agent list.

  6. Click the Print Statements button and wait for the pop up to load.

  7. Click Print All. If you are printing more than 100 statements you will be required to print the statements in groups of 100 or less.

  8. A new tab will open where we will print the statements from.

  9. If you wish to save a record of the statements for easy access later, save the statements as a PDF instead of printing.

  10. Print the statements.

  11. Once the printer has finished go back to the SMRT tab and click the Confirm All button (you'll have to do this twice). This marks the statements as printed so you don't print duplicates.

  12. Wait a few seconds and the Accounting module will reload.

  13. Repeat the previous steps until there are no more statements to print.

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