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Printing a Delivery Manifest for a Building or Master Account
Printing a Delivery Manifest for a Building or Master Account
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

To set a master delivery account to print out a delivery manifest, follow the instructions in this guide.

1. Open the delivery master account's Route Settings.

2. Select the Want Details setting and the Price on details setting if you would like the price of the items to be on the delivery manifest.


3. Save the settings and now a summary for each sub delivery account will print out when you print a delivery manifest.

4. To print the manifest go to the delivery module and select the route the account is on.

5. Click print manifest.


6. You now have a few options. If you uncheck Show Stops you will only see the delivery manifests or details for the route.


7. If you check In Van it will only show you orders that have been loaded into the van by the driver. This prevents you from including anything on the manifest that the driver is not taking.


Notice how on the following picture there is only one account display for Hotel 1. That is because only that customer's orders are loaded into the van.

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