How To Take Deposits
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Leathers, Wedding Dresses, and Couture pieces are examples of items your business may need a deposit on. For any piece that will need a deposit paid, the steps are very similar to taking a drop-off just with one added step.

1. Create the order just as you would for any other order (Typically items needing a deposit will need a few extra days, so make sure to update the date range accordingly).


2. Give the drop tickets to the customer and select to PAY for the order.


3. If there are multiple orders, make sure that the correct order is "Checked" under prepay.

4. Once the correct order is "Checked", select the payment type the customer wishes to deposit with.

5. From there we will select the "Payment Amt / Deposit:" field and type in the appropriate deposit amount.


6. After the correct deposit amount is input, swipe the card or select pay. The deposit will then process!

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