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Assembly Error - Barcode "Is not valid" error
Assembly Error - Barcode "Is not valid" error
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

When you get the following error message after scanning a barcode in Assembly,

Is not valid error:


It means that you scanned a barcode that does not exist either in an open order or in the system at all. There are two main causes for this,

  • The first is that the item has more than one barcode and the barcode you scanned was never entered into the current open order. Look for another barcode, if you find it, scan it and your item should assemble. If not, continue reading. If you would like to add this 2nd barcode to that item you can do following the guide found here:

  • The second common cause, especially when beginning to barcode, is that the item had a barcode heat sealed onto it but the barcode was never scanned/entered into the system. This is why it is very important to follow the numerical sequence of the barcodes when detailing.
    Follow the steps below to determine who the item belongs to.

    1. Exit Assembly

    2. Look up the barcode one digit above the item into the search bar. Note who the customer that the item belongs to is.

    3. Enter the barcode one digit below the item into the search bar. If the customer matches the previous customer then you know that your item belongs to that customer.

    4. If the customers don't match then look at the items on each of those customers' orders to see what clothes are most similar to the mystery item you have. You can also check to see if the size of the item you have matches the sizes of the other customers' items.

Here is an example of the process described above.

An item with barcode 545321221 is scanned and you get the Is not valid error.

First, you exit assembly and move your cursor to the search box.

Next, you search for both 545321220 and 545321222. If both of those barcodes belong to the same customer, Jeff Bridges in this case, then 545321221 also belongs to him.*


*Note that this is only true if you barcode in numerical sequence. If you go out of sequence then, it is much harder to determine who a mystery barcode belongs to. Feel free to call our support hotline or submit a support ticket for additional help regarding mystery items.

Now you need to add the item to that order. Click the order header (the colored bar across the top of the order) and click + Add Item.


Scan the barcode on the mystery item and detail the item.

Now you can go back to Assembly and the item will assemble normally.

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