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Transferring items between accounts.
Transferring items between accounts.
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

When an item has been wrongly assigned to an account, use the following steps to transfer it to the correct account.

1. Create a New Order in account #1 (where items were wrongly assigned to), add the item(s) that needs to be transferred and click the Transfer button in the Order Details section


2. Type the Last Name of the account you are transferring to and click Enter. A list of customer's matching your search will display, select the right account and confirm


3. Go to account #2 (for the actual owner of the item(s)) and close the order.


โ€‹*If the item(s) is actually in the store and you want that order to process, then just follow the usual protocol. If you simply want to put it into the correct account's wardrobe, you should,

1. Remove the item(s) from the order by clicking on the item and then clicking the Remove button.


2. Once you have deleted the item(s), open the Order Details by clicking on the order number and delete the order by clicking on the Delete button. The items will now be permanently assigned to this account.

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