Long / Solo Items
Written by Matt Panton
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Long / Solo Basics

Often you'll encounter items that are too long or bulky to fit on normal assembly locations. For this we have the Long/Solo feature. This feature causes the item to assemble as a single piece regardless of how many other items are on the order.

You can add the Long/Solo feature to an item from the item detailing window. This will make the item assemble by itself when scanned in assembly.


When an item has been marked as Long/Solo you'll see a red circle with an L in the center of it on the item.


If you encounter an item that is too long or big at assembly that hasn't been marked as such you can mark apply the Long/Solo on the fly. Just click/tap the Long button at the bottom of the assembly screen (pictured below).


Long / Solo Associations

Sometimes you have a long piece associated to another, a dress and a belt for example. The item you scan first determines what should happen. If you scan the belt first, it makes sense it can hang on the rack and await the long piece. If the long piece is scanned first however, it cannot fit on the rack so it finishes as a single item.

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