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Storage Inventory / Stock Take
Storage Inventory / Stock Take
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

To make sure your storage locations are accurately reflecting what's there, we suggest doing an inventory on each of your storage locations at least once a week.

For the system to understand you are performing an inventory, you need to continuously scan all locations and bags on a conveyor, shelf, rail, or any other storage area you may have.

1. Open the Racking app or page and scan ALL locations and bags occupying them (example: scan slot 1, all bags on slot 1, scan slot 2, all bags on slot 2, etc), even the empty locations should be scanned.
โ€‹( click here to be redirected to Racking article )

Once finished,

2. Open the Inventory report by going to Reports -> Inventory -> Select your store -> Select your rack. Each storage rack section will generate a report and let you know if any bags are missing and will show you all orders racked to that rack.


The Inventoried Locations Todays tile will indicate if you've scanned every location on the rack today. If it's not X/X then hover your mouse over it to see what locations you haven't scanned.


Scan the remaining locations to complete your inventory.

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