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Registering a Twilio Phone Number for 10DLC A2P
Registering a Twilio Phone Number for 10DLC A2P
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Twilio and the SMS carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) are now requiring registration of phone numbers and campaigns (what type of messages you are sending) to reduce filtering. Their goal is to prevent SMS from becoming water logged with spam like phone calls have become. Read more about this from Twilio here.

Follow the steps in this guide to register your business and Twilio phone number.

1. Log into Twilio and navigate to the Trust Hub.

2. Click Create Primary Business Profile.


3. Select the proper options and enter the relevant information for your business. Click Next.


4. You'll now enter the information for one or multiple Authorized Representative(s) of your business.


5. Now that you've created business profile click on Go to A2P Messaging.


6. Click on Continue registration.


7. Select Company Type Private and agree to the registration fee.


8. You'll then be given a TCR score, unless your score is below 60 don't worry about the score. Click Continue.


9. You'll now create a messaging service and assign it to a number. Name your messaging service something like ABC Cleaners SMRT Service and select Notify my users for the Messaging Service use case.
On the next page you'll select the phone number you want to connect to the service.


10. You'll now register a campaign.
- Select your the Brand you just created as the registered A2P Brand.
- Select Delivery Notification from the A2P campaign use case drop down.
- Enter your campaign use case description and samples. Feel free to use the examples at the bottom of this guide or copy samples texts from your SMRT instance.
- Check the Messages will include embedded links and agree to the terms.


11. After submitting the campaign form wait a minute or two and you'll receive a registration confirmation. Test that you can still send and receive texts in SMRT and you're good to go.


Sample campaign info below

SMRT Campaign Registration

Campaign use case description

This campaign will be used to notify customers who have opted into text notifications about upcoming pickups & deliveries, confirmation of order delivery, notifying customers that their orders are ready for pickup at a physical retail location, and asking customers or replying to general customer questions.

Sample #1

Hi ____, we will deliver your cleaning Monday 8/2 and pick up any new items to be cleaned.

Add notes & photos:

Sample #2

Hi ____, DRIVER NAME just completed your pickup and delivery.

Your Account:

Thanks for using ____ Cleaners!

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