Editing an Item Type
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This guide explains how to edit the variables of an item.

To edit an Item Type go to Admin. Then click on the Item Types section of Detailing / Pricing.


To find the item you want to edit you can search the name or scroll to find it. Once you find the item you want to edit click the edit button.


Now you can edit every attribute of the item.


1. The name of the item it what shows when detailing and on all on receipts.

2. The Category of the item is the group the item is nested under when you a detailing.

3. The Department of the item defines the where the sales of the item type are attributed and if it is useable when detailing with the "Quick by Department" setting (see below). If the item is not in the department selected for the quick ticket it will not display when trying to detail an order for that department.


The Item Image is the sketch that displays for the item. Pick whatever is closest to the item type.

5. Price is the base price of the item before any upcharges have been applied.

6. The Charge by Area checkbox will make the pieces or barcodes field display "sq ft" and if selected it will not create more than 1 barcode when detailing using the "temp tag" or "zebra tag" method.

7. The Oversize checkbox will make the item type always finish by itself when assembled.

8. Production Value is the value attributed to pressing the item. This is used for reporting purposes.

9. Rack Space is the bulkiness factor of the item. If you only want 2 items per bag and you set this value to 2 then the item type will always finish as a single piece, if you leave it at 1 then you can have 2 of the item type per bag.

10. Ignore Reported Item.

11. If you wanted to cancel your changes click Close. If you want to save your changes click Save.

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