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Special Care / Upcharge Pricelist Overview
Special Care / Upcharge Pricelist Overview
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

This guide provides an in-depth summary of how to edit, add, and organize your special care pricelist.


To access the Special Care pricelist go to Settings, then select the Detailing / Pricing, select Price List, Last select Special Cares Tab.


We've numbered each basic aspect of the pricelist and provided an explanation for each number.


1. The Add New button is for adding new Special Cares to your price list. The new row will always display on the first page of the price list.

2. The Search box is for looking up a Special Care. The search will include results that match any part of an existing Special Care's name. So if you search "trim", Special Cares like "Major Trim" and "Minor Trim" will display.

3. The Display order column defines the order in which the Special Cares display when you are detailing an item.

4. The Name column is the name of each Special Care that will display when detailing.

5. The Type column defines whether a Special Care is a cash increase in price or a percentage increase in price.

6. The Upcharge column is the amount that the upcharge will increase or decrease the price of an item. You can enter negative or positive numbers. If you enter 0 the price will not change when you add the Special Care to an item regardless of the type of the Special Care.

7. Item Overrides allow you to set different prices, or make a Special Care visible or not visible, for a single Special Care by Item Type, Category, or Department. This is useful for when certain Special Cares should have different prices or not be seen at all when detailing for different items.


8. The Settings for special care define certain variables of each Special Care.

  • Production Value is used to indicate a value for the extra work it takes pressers or spotters to work on an item. This value is displayed in KPIs.

  • Apply to Total is only used for percentage upcharges. It applies the value of the upcharge to the base price of an item plus any additional upcharges if selected. Select this to get a higher price per item.

  • The Show in Detailing checkbox will display the Special Care when detailing and will not display the Special Care if deselected. Deselect this if the Special Care will only be used for specific item types.

  • Show on Financial Receipts will make the special care print out as a separate line on payment receipts with the price for the Special Care excluded from the total price of the item. Only use this if you want customers to see what you are up charging them for.

  • The Folder field is used to group Special Cares. If you enter the same name in the folder field it will group them into a folder when detailing.

  • The Permanent checkbox should be selected when the Special Care is something that is always true for an item. It should not be selected when the Special Care is a temporary thing, like pet hair or stains.

  • Show in Clothes Tracker will create a banner over an item when selected. When deselected there will be no banner of the item for the Special Care when viewing the item.

  • If Alert on Bagging Receipts is selected the name of the Special Care will print out in negative on invoices, item info receipts, and order receipts.

9. The Status column allows you to enable or disable Special Cares. Disabled Special Cares will never display when detailing.

10. The Save button must always be clicked after making changes to the Special Care price list for the changes to save. If you attempt to exist on the price list without saving you will receive a warning.

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