Gift Cards: Setup & Use
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Gift cards in SMRT work like most gift cards systems. A customer can buy a gift card in SMRT; the CSR would enter an amount and scan the unique gift card barcode. The gift card order can then be paid like any other order in SMRT. Then, the same or another customer can use the gift card for full or partial payment of their order. The gift card can also be transferred to account credit if the customer wants to use it during a drop-off instead of a pickup.

This article covers the manufacturing of cards, setup of cards in SMRT, loading of a card and lastly, redeeming a loaded card.

Manufacturing of Cards
Make sure that every barcode is unique and random, Code 128 barcode preferably around 10 characters. Try an example barcode in SMRT to make sure it scans before having them all created.

Gift Card Setup
To enable the use of gift cards within SMRT, you need to add a special item type.
This is all you have to do to configure the gift card system in SMRT, and the steps are outlined below

1. Go to Settings -> Detailing & Pricing -> Price Lists.

2. Click '+ Add New':


3. Enter a gift card name. --> Select the Retail category. --> Optionally change department and the item image.


4. Select Gift card for the type.


5. The gift card now exists and will show up under the Retail tab in the order box. Navigate back to the POS to verify that it's there.

Loading a Gift Card

1. When a customer wishes to purchase a gift card, press New Order and go to the Retail tab. Now, press "Add" next to the gift card in the list of retail items types to the left.


2. Now scan the barcode present on a new, previously unused gift card, in the barcode field to the right:


3. It is possible to create several gift cards at once. Once you're done, press "Create" to create the order.


4. An order with the gift cards is created and can be paid as usual. The gift cards can be used only after they are paid for.


Redeeming a Gift Card

1. To Redeem a gift card, there are two options. The most common use case is to pay off an order ready for pickup. In the Payment box, press the blue "Claim Gift Card" as shown below. You can also convert a gift card to account credit, to be used for a future order. Go to the payment tab and press "Add Credit", after which you select gift card.


2. Regardless of whether you're using the gift card as a payment method, or converting it to account credit, you're shown the same prompt asking you to scan the gift card:


3. Once scanned, you're shown the balance on the card. You can redeem the full or a partial amount. Lastly, click "Redeem" to finish redeeming the card.

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