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Adding KPI Reports to a Store
Adding KPI Reports to a Store
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

To access the following instructions, User must have, at least, Store Manager level credentials.

To make a KPI report available to a store where it's available to all employees,

1. Access the Admin panel by clicking on the Admin button on the top right side of your screen.


2. From the left side menu, select Stations. Locate the store you want to add a KPI report to and click on the wrench icon next to it's name.


3. Click in the Default KPIs field located at the bottom of the Store's settings, a list will expand displaying all the KPI reports, click on the one(s) you want to add to this Store. As you add them, these will show highlighted in blue, to remove them, click on the "x" next to the highlighted report. Once done, remember to Save!

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