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Custom Special Care Pricing
Custom Special Care Pricing
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

To access the following instructions, User must have, at least, SR Manager level credentials.

1. Open Admin panel by clicking on the Admin button on the top right corner of the SMRT Systems screen.


2. Access Special Care settings and look up the account you want to enter custom pricing for.


3. Once you have accessed the account required, locate the Special Care item that you want to edit. Click on the Up-charge column of the Special Care and make the modifications desired. Remember to Save!


4. Exit the Admin panel by clicking on the POS button on the top right corner of the SMRT Systems Admin panel screen.


5. Go to the account that you just edited, open their profile and go to the Prices tab โ†’ Special Care Pricing tab. If the Special Care edited is highlighted in blue, the custom price has been applied successfully.

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