Hotel Group Billing Setup
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps to create a new hotel account with a singular billing entity.

1. Create a new customer.


2. Set the new customer to receive statements. You'll most likely want the Include order details on invoices setting on. Click here to get more info on these settings.


3. Go to the Admin settings and set up the account as a master billing account. Check the automatically deliver subs on master's delivery stop as well so that all the hotel employees/divisions get delivered via the master account.


4. Put the account on the correct route.


5. Create a new account for the guests and assign the account to the correct hotel group.


6. If your due dates are different for the guest and employee accounts add the guest account to the proper guest route.


7. For all other accounts you just need to add them to the proper hotel group for the delivery and billing to be correct.

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