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How To Create An Employee
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps to add a new employee user account

1. Click Settings


2. Click on Employees


3. By selecting the Employee button, you will be brought to a page that has the "Add New Employee" button up on the top right side of your screen. Click on that button.


4. You will be presented with Employee information fields that you will fill out. Make sure to assign this employee's to the correct store, department, and level (employees can bounce back and forth from location to location) Once Employee information is filled out, click SAVE!


5. After clicking Save, you will be brought back to your Employee List. Find that employee that we just created, and select them.


6. You will be brought to this employee's profile. Here we can add more information for this employee. Select the "Edit Employee" button and add more information to this team member. If an employee forgets his/her badge at any point, you can make this employee a password through the password field. After this information is input, the Edit button will have changed to SAVE and make sure to SAVE!


7. From there we can move to the Admin box to the right of Profile. From here we can edit employee's names, levels, stores, and departments. Setting up a badge for these employees is where we can do this as well!

8. In order to add a badge to an employee, select the "Add Badge" button, and scan your badge that we will have supplied your business with if purchased.

9. Employees can also be given certain KPI's (Reports) to see, in order to add a KPI to an employee's list, we will click in the "Select one or more KPI's" field and search for the correct KPI and click on that KPI to add it to this employee's list.

10. After adjusting any information here we will select SAVE at the top.

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