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Wireless Scanner and Printer Pairing to a New Device
Wireless Scanner and Printer Pairing to a New Device
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

1. Turn the scanner On by pressing the little button on the right side of the device

2. Press the trigger button on the upper side of the scanner and immediately press the little On/Off button on the side. A quick 3 beep tone will confirm the device has been disconnected from any other devices.

3. Turn scanner On again

4. On the delivery mobile device, open the SMRT systems Delivery app, and press on the Pairing barcode icon on the top right side of the screen and scan the barcode displayed on the screen by pressing on the trigger button. A quick beep along with the Pairing barcode icon switching to a scanner icon, will confirm the scanner has been paired to the Delivery mobile device

5. Scan badge to log into the Delivery app

6. On the wireless printer, turn the device on by pressing on the On/Off button on the bottom right front side of the printer

7. Using the previously paired scanner, scan the barcode on top of the printer. If the mobile device displays a request to enter the pairing code, just wait a few seconds for the alert to go away. A quick alert will be displayed on the Delivery mobile device confirming Star printer has been paired

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