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Socket Keyboard Mode for Android 8.0 OS
Socket Keyboard Mode for Android 8.0 OS
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

1. Turn On the scanner by pushing the little button on the right side of the device

2. Press and hold down the scanning button and press the Power button until you hear a series of 3 tones. This will un-pair the scanner from any other devices it was previously paired with.

3. Turn scanner back On

3. Scan the following barcodes in the same order as shown, one at a time


4. Turn scanner On, again


5. On the Delivery mobile device, open the device Settings by tapping on the โš™ icon

6. Under Connected devices, first make sure


Bluetooth is On then, tap on it to access its settings and find the Socket Keyboard in the list of Available devices, tap on it and select Pair

7. Once the Socket Keyboard has moved to the Paired devices list, open the SMRT systems Delivery app, click on the Pairing barcode icon on the top left corner of the app and scan the barcode displayed on the screen with the Socket scanner. You will see the app refresh and take you back to the Log-in page

8. Scan your badge to log in.

* Once the scanner has been paired to the mobile device through the main Settings, pairing through the SMRTsystems Pairing icon may not always be necessary.

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