Voiding Store Credit
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

To void/cancel store credit given to a customer, follow these steps:


1. Go to the Payment tab in the customer's account and locate the transaction row corresponding to the credit added (Transaction type should be "Credit").

2. Click the Void button at the end of the transaction row.

3. Confirm you want to Void credits added.

4. The screen will refresh and the balances will reflect the change.


The steps 1-4 above will remain the same, but first we must find any other transaction line in the Payment tab where ANY of this credit has been used. We need to void every instance of where the credit has been used before we can void the original credit like above.

The original credit line will show how much (if any) is remaining, to give you an idea of how many applications of the credit you may be looking for. In general, you're looking for transaction lines with the status "Credits applied," and we need to void each of those credit applications if there are multiple by clicking Void Payment:

After each place the credit was applied has been voided, we can go back to steps 1-4 above! But this can get a bit more complicated if the credits were used in combination with a real payment, since the transaction line may no longer say "Credits applied" in this scenario. You can check receipts by clicking the printer icons on each line to find these applications (if any). Otherwise, don't hesitate to click Support in the top right corner of your screen and reach out to us for assistance!

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