Written by Matt Panton
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With SMRT you never have to worry about processing payments again. Of the 3 payment settings a customer can have, Autopay is by far the most desirable. The owner doesn't have to worry about manually processing cards, the CSRs can focus on giving great customer service, and the customer can simply walk in, get their clothes, and walk out.

How does Autopay work? Whenever an order for a customer with a card on file becomes Ready, meaning it's racked at the store they're going to pick up from or be delivered from, their card is automatically charged. If they have multiple orders with the same due date, Autopay will not trigger until all their orders are Ready.

If a customer's card is declined they will automatically get an email informing them of the decline. The email will include a link to their online account where they can add a new card, or update their existing card and make the payment.

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