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Customer Refunds and Claims
Customer Refunds and Claims
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

The refund and claim features allow you to handle a variety of scenarios. Both functions allow you to return money to the customer in the form of cash, credit card, check and store credit.

The Claim feature allows you to refund a specific dollar amount to the customer (Note: paying a claim will refund the claim amount, but keep the order as paid in full for the new amount.). For example, if a customer does not want to pay for one item out of an invoice. You can refund just a partial dollar amount to refund the one item as opposed to refunding the entire transaction. You can also use the claim feature to refund the full amount of payment if need be.

First access the customers “Payment” tab


Next click on the “Pay a Claim” button


Then put in the claim amount and choose cash, check, card or issue a store credit for the partial amount.


This scenario will allow just $9.00 to be refunded to the Amex ending in 1009 as opposed to the full amount of 200.45.

When you wanted to refund a customer the full amount of their payment and "unlock" any orders included in said payment, use the void payment button. Voiding a payment will reverse the payment and make the orders on the payment payable again. So if a customer paid with a credit card but wants to pay with a different card, this is the perfect tool for this scenario.

To void or refund the entire amount click on the “Void Payment” button


You will be prompted to add a reason for the refund and pay the amount back to original credit card that was used for the transaction. You can also choose to refund the amount in cash or check.


After you submit the refund/void you can now pay the orders that were on the payment with a different payment method or add a coupon to them to fix any error that there may have been. (Note: voiding a payment will bring the orders the payment originally paid for back into an A/R status as "unpaid orders"). If you want to use VOID to refund the full amount of an order, you need to hit VOID, go to the order in Clothes Tracker, hit "Extract from A/R," mark the order Free, hit Force Finish, then hit Pay. Unless the payment that you're returning covers multiple orders, it's much easier to use the Claim button to return money to the customer's card.

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