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Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

If you need to pay for an order before it gets processed, you can make a pre-payment on the account which will then be applied when the order finishes. The payment is not applied to the order immediately as a mechanism to allow you to modify pricing through out the process if needed (i.e missed repairs, up-charges, etc).

1. Create new order and detail all items.
If you're dealing without previously barcoded items, use the No Barcode option to save your customer some time. You can add barcodes once the customer is gone even after order has been Closed.


2. Once the order has been fully detailed and Closed, click on the Pay button on the right, the amount will default to the total for the order. Select form of payment and click the blue Pay button at the bottom of Payment light box.


3. Select receipt option.


4. Payment can be confirmed through the Payment tab in the customer's account. It will sit in the account as Deposit until the order is in status Ready.


*Remember to go back to add barcode numbers to any items you might have detailed as No Barcode!

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