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Add a Customer to a Route
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

This guide explains how to put a customer on a route.

1. Open the customer's account.

2. Click on the customer's address to open the route settings.


3. Select a delivery type. All options are explained below.

  • Route Approval Pending: This setting is used for when you're not sure which route the customer should be on and you want to use the Route Manager to determine the best fit.

  • Route Regular: This setting will automatically schedule the customer every day the route runs.

  • Address Undeliverable: Select this when the customer is in an area that you do not service.

  • Will Call: Customer's with this setting need to call in or schedule pickups online to show on the drivers manifest. When their orders are ready they will automatically appear on the drivers manifest for the next available delivery day. Otherwise, they will never be on the manifest.

  • Regular by Appointment: This setting is for customers that should be scheduled on the route for specific days or times. A Tuesday only customer on a Tuesday - Friday route is a good example of this. Another use case for this setting is a customer on a Tuesday - Friday route that can only have pickups and deliveries between 10 am and 12 pm.

  • Delivered with Master Account: This setting is for groups of customers that get all their orders delivered to the same location. This will make the orders for the customer show up inside the master account stop on the manifest.

4. Select the customer's route.

5. Add any other information necessary and click save.


This video shows you how to add a customer to a route.

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