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Importing the Inventory of a MP Storage Conveyor
Importing the Inventory of a MP Storage Conveyor
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

This is a guide for advanced employees, with multi conversions of experience. Do not attempt if you have not been guided through this previously.

Prep Work

1. Create the BAM station for the correct store.

2. Configure the storage conveyor in Admin -> Storage.

3. Note the ID of the conveyor.


4. Pull the Inventory Detail report (SPOT's name) for the store with the BAM.

5. Convert for import as you normally would.

6. Instead of the normal prefix for the location use the BAM RackID + "MSTO" + Location

7. Your import file should look like this:


8. The external_barcode should keep the exact format from SPOT even though the MP data does not contain hyphens, the barcode on the invoice has it.

9. Create a test import file with one order.

Importing the Inventory

1. Download SMRT app and set to the correct BAM station.

2. Stop BAM and old Conveyor Client.

3. Run SMRT and BAM.

4. Import your test file.

5. Confirm order is racked to BAM on your computer.

6. Test unloading the order from BAM.

7. Confirm BAM spins and unloads the order you imported.

8. If successful continue on, if unsuccessful figure out your mistake and retest.

9. Import the full inventory.

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