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Converting a Metal Progetti Assembly Conveyor to SMRT
Converting a Metal Progetti Assembly Conveyor to SMRT
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

This guide details the steps on how to convert an MP Assembly conveyor to SMRT on the day of switching it over.

1. Install the SMRT app and make sure the station is set to an MP Assembly station and that the number of slots for the MP is configured correctly.

2. Hold all SMRT items to the side while they finish assembling all the items in their current system.

3. Once the client has finished as many items as they are going to that day (they should be 95%+ done with all items in their old system) empty the conveyor. Check their old system to confirm they are 95%+ done with the items in their old system before you continue. If they say they don't have anything else to assemble, then determine with the owner and the lead SMRT employee whether or not you are ready to transition the conveyor.

4. Contact MP support and have them change the MP settings to match with the guide that explains the MP settings required. Guide Here

5. Once MP has finished changing the settings turn off MAP, SBS (or whatever other conveyor client they were using before), and SMRT.

6. Follow the steps in the MP Data Reset guide to wipe the MP of all old data.

7. Now that MAP and SMRT are back on and the data is flowing you will need to wait for them to become in sync. DO NOT start scanning SMRT items yet.

8. Delete SBS, or whatever old software that was used for MP polling from the computer.

9. Once you don't see MAP consuming numerous in files (15-30 minutes after MP Data Reset). Create a few test orders.

A) Single item order with as much detail as possible on the item.
B) Folded shirt order.
C) 7 piece order
A) Will be your test for label design with a lot of data.
B) Will be your folded test.
C) Will test for proper order splitting.

10. If all the test orders complete successfully you can begin scanning the rest of the items.

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