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Settings Required for Metal Progetti Use with SMRT
Settings Required for Metal Progetti Use with SMRT
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Regardless of whether there's an autobagger or not, below settings are standard for all MAP assembly conveyors. MAP should be updated to latest version (minimum 9.0) before conversion to SMRT.

Below settings should be sent to the MetalProgetti employee that will assist in the conversion. The await T command setting cannot be set in the configuration UI, as such MP employee must help. Also, these settings are probably incompatible with old POS and must be coordinated for a switchover day where the MP doesn't need to run in the morning.

  • Await T command: YES

  • Autorename In and Out files: YES

  • create SUBOK file: NO

  • Send S (scan) commands: YES

Also, it's best to set the barcode settings both to 0.0, so that MAP will not do any stripping or prefixing of 0s for barcodes. Usually it's setup like the screenshot below but do change them to 0.

MAP Version 8.6 Settings Pages


MAP Version 10.5 Settings Pages


Lastly, for the actual setup of the station. Just install SMRT on the Metal Progetti windows computer as usual, setup a new Metalprogetti assembly station, then go to its assembly settings in the admin panel and enable/disable the autobagger option. Also enter the number of locations. After that you can just press the blue "run metalprogetti agent" button:

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