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Configuring Metal Progetti Unload Arms
Configuring Metal Progetti Unload Arms
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

First a disclaimer, these settings unfortunately are currently instance wide, meaning they only work if you have one metal progetti (or if it's fine all MPs has their arm routing set to the same). This is a flaw we probably want to fix in the future.

  1. First you must know what arm id the "metal special arm" has, meaning if it's arm "001", "002" or so on.

  2. Then, you can specify a specific group in the assembly settings, like you would for defining ticket separations for our rack. Create a group for the small and big category, and make sure you link an item type, special care or flag.

  3. Add the json key "metalprogetti_arm_id": "XXX" to both these group, replace XXX with the arm arm id.

Here's an example where all items of item type #415 should be routed to arm 002:

    "id": "boxed_shirts_arm2_small",
    "name": "arm 2 test (small orders)",
    "metalprogetti_arm_id": "002",
    "conditions": [
            "items": [

I've omitted the big category, but it should be identical except the id needs to be changed to something unique (replace _small with _big for example).

Find more documentation on it here under the Assembly Settings section:

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