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Converting an MP Storage Conveyor
Converting an MP Storage Conveyor
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

You will need to do this when you have an extended amount of time during which customers will not be making pickups. A Sunday or after the store closes is ideal.

Things to be aware of when converting an MP Storage Conveyor:

  1. The bulkiness threshold should be changed to 100 when switching to SMRT so that the conveyor leaves an extra space for 3 piece orders.

  2. The scanning screen can have certain restrictions with regards to order/barcode length when it is an older ET500 model.

  3. You cannot rack orders without having a barcode assigned to one item on the conveyor, no standard import orders.

  4. Storage conveyor has no verification of where an order is, meaning that you can pull items off without any warning from metal. It's important to train the employees to use the system to pickup the orders.

Follow these steps to manually import the inventory on the storage conveyor, this will take many hours.

  1. Create an item type called .Import Order

  2. This is the item type you will use as a proxy to import the orders on the conveyor. The reason the period is included in the name is that it makes it easy to access when detailing.

  3. Remove all orders from the conveyor, or go section by section.

  4. Log into a Detailing station, this will make the process faster, with a printer.

  5. To import an order, open the customer's account and create a standard Dry Cleaning order.

  6. The cursor will automatically be in the scan barcode field of the item on the order.

  7. Pick a starting barcode value like, 100000000, and copy all but the last digit of the barcode number.

  8. Tap the enter key to submit the barcode.

  9. Press the . key on your keyboard and then press tab. This will automatically select the .Import Order item you created earlier.

  10. Click below the color pop up to hide it.

  11. Click on the list price field and enter the price of the order.

  12. Press the enter key to save and then the esc key to close the item pop up.

  13. Close the order.

  14. Mark the item ready and staple the printed ticket to the old order.

  15. Repeat for the entire conveyor, incrementing on the barcode that you copied earlier.

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