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Setting Up Metal Progetti Assembly Conveyor
Setting Up Metal Progetti Assembly Conveyor
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Use these steps, when migrating a metal from another POS to SMRT. Any orders not marked in on SMRT will not be scannable after this.

  1. Stop scanning.

  2. STOP MAP (do not turn off autobagger or conveyor)

  3. Empty the conveyor.

  4. Go to C:\METALPRO\DATA\MAP , make a copy of MAP with today’s timestamp.

  5. Go into the original MAP folder, move all files to trash except those listed below. Keep all folders

    1. LFD.DBF (if you have the autobagger)

    2. MAG.DBF

    3. PCS.DBF

    4. SYS.DBF

  6. Uninstall the previous software MP client.

  7. Go to Admin -> Assembly in SMRT and find the correct metal conveyor.

  8. Enter the number of slots, Autoracking, and Autobagger settings.

  9. Push reset database.

  10. After about a minute, you should get a message that the database has been reset with x pieces.

  11. Turn on SMRT MP Agent.

  12. Start MAP again, make sure it synchronizes. Make sure there's nothing hanging on the metal.

  13. Watch the SMRT metal terminal. You should be seeing a bunch of item barcode updates, after a couple of minutes those should calm down and you should be ready to scan.

  14. Create a one piece order and scan it at the MP. Confirm it's extracted and bagged with the label displaying correctly (if applicable).

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