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Order Pickup & Payment
Order Pickup & Payment
Written by Matt Panton
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Follow these steps when a customer picks up and pays for their cleaning.

1. Enter the customer's name, phone number, email, or address in the search box and select the correct customer from the auto-suggested list.

2. The customer's Clothes Tracker will display all of their orders. Click the Pickup Box to begin the pickup.

3. The location of the orders will display in the pickup box. Go get the orders and scan them to mark them picked up.

4. As you scan the orders out, the status bar will change to black indicating they have been given back to the customer. You will see the status 'Picked Up' on the right hand side.

5. Once you've scanned all the orders for the customer to pick up, the payment window will open automatically. They payment window will not open for customers who have the payment preference of 'Statement'. If they payment window does not open, click on the 'Pay' button.

6. If the customer is paying with a credit card simply swipe the card in the terminal. If the customer is paying with cash, select cash and then enter the amount of cash received using the number pad and click pay.

7. After the payment goes through, you will have the option to email a receipt, print a receipt, or close the payment box.


8. The orders that have been picked up and paid for will no longer display in the customer's Clothes Tracker.

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