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Detailing an Order
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Once you've created an order, follow these steps to add items to the order and close it out.

1. Scan the drop ticket or open the customer's account and click New Item.


2. Heat seal the barcode to the first piece of clothing in the order.

3. Make sure the cursor is in the scan barcode field. Scan the barcode and the detailing window will pop up.


4. Select a category and then an item type, or simply type the name of the item you have and the system will automatically show you items with names that match.


5. Once you select an item type you will automatically be prompted to select the item's color(s). Click a color to select it, click it again to deselect it. You can pick as many colors as you want.


6. Once you've selected the item's colors, move to the pattern field by hitting the tab key or by clicking the pattern field. Select the pattern that most closely resembles the pattern of the item.


7. Now select the fabric of the item. You can select multiple fabrics. Move on by hitting the tab key or by clicking Brand.


8. To select a brand type the name of the brand and the system will display the brand names that match what you've typed. When you see the brand of the item to the right click it and you'll automatically move on to the Special Care section.


9. The Special Care section lists upcharges and common descriptors that need to be noted on items. Select as many special cares as need be. Once you're done click Save.


10. Your first item will now display in below the order header.


11. Repeat the detailing process for all of the customer's items. You can put laundered shirts and dry cleaning on the same order. If an item already has a barcode all you need to do is scan it and continue detailing.

Once you've detailed all the items for the order click the Close Order button.


12. Once you click Close Order the order header will change colors to blue indicating that the order is ready to be cleaned.


You're now done detailing the customer's order!

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