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SMRT CRM & Contact Log
SMRT CRM & Contact Log
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

SMRT has an extremely simple CRM where all communications with a customer are recorded for your entire organization to view.

To access a customer's CRM, open their account and click on their email or phone number.

This will open the customer's Contact Log where all of the text, email, phone, and in-store communications are recorded.

The right side of the pop up contains all previous messages to and from the customer. Use the numbers at the bottom of the pop up to navigate to older messages.

If the icon that accompanies the message is green, the messages if from the customer. If the icon that accompanies the message is grey, it's from an employee or the system. If it's from an employee, their name will display next to the icon. If it's from the system it will say Admin next to the icon.

The icons indicate the type of communication that occurred with the customer.

Indicates that the communication was an email.

Indicates that the communication was a text message.

Indicates that the communication was over the phone.

Indicates that the communication was in person.

Sending a New Message

To create a new text or email, select either text or email from the tabs at the top to choose the method of communication. Then simply type out your message in the area on the left.

Once you finish writing your message click send and the message will appear with the rest of the messages in the contact log.

When the customer replies you will most likely be doing something else in the system since you can't wait around for them to reply. When a message is received you will see a pop up in the top left corner of the screen that includes the customer's message. The number in the very top right corner of the system is how many unread messages you have.

If you click Open, it will open the customer's account and you can access the contact log by clicking on their phone or email. You will now see their reply in the contact log.

Recording a Conversation

To create a record of a phone call or an in-store visit, select either the Phone or Visit tabs. Give the record a subject and then describe what the customer said and what you said.


This will create an entry for the customer and the staff member in the contact log.


You don't have to type in both the customer & staff comment fields. If you don't it will simply make a record for whichever option you did type in. The Phone tab works the way as the Visit tab but will create a record of a phone call, rather than an in-store visit.

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