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Delivery App Installation Guide
Delivery App Installation Guide
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

To install the SMRT Delivery App:

-Launch the App Store or Google Play Store app and search for "SMRT Mobile".

One of the apps listed after the search should be "SMRT Mobile".


-Select the app and hit "Install".

-Once it has downloaded, open the app.

Authorization code will be required to set up the phone for your business, your code can be provided by SMRT Support or from the stations section.

-After entering the Authorization code you will be asked to select a station.

If this is a new phone:

-Select the store you wish to list the delivery phone under, then select "new".

If it is a phone already in use:

-Select the store which the delivery phone is listed under, then select that it's a replacement station.

-Your current listed stations will appear there. Select according to what the phone was previously listed as.

The login screen should now appear and the delivery phone is ready for use.

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