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Zebra TLP2824 Plus Configuration
Zebra TLP2824 Plus Configuration
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

Follow these steps to configure a Zebra TLP2824 Plus to print temporary barcodes with SMRT. You'll need to plug the printer into a windows computer.

Use the Zebra Setup Utility (download it here). Once you're in the Setup Utility and have selector the printer:

1. Open the Printer Tools


2. Open the Action tab and click Send command.

3. Type N and click Send.


4. Delete what you previously typed and type in Q10,0 then click Send.


5. Delete what you previously typed and type in OC1 then click Send.

Close the Printer Tools window and test that the printer cuts after each barcode.

If the tags are being cut off at the top or left side (commonly the left if the paper doesn't feed out perfectly straight), send a command of R#,# where the first # is the horizontal margin offset from the left and the second # is the vertical margin offset from the top. The units are VERY small, I recommend starting at 10 and increasing by increments of 10 until nothing is cut off. For example, left side of the tag is being cut off, start by entering 'R10,0' to fix, increasing the 10 slowly if that is not enough.

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