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Honeywell Redundancy Scan Set-Up
Honeywell Redundancy Scan Set-Up
Written by Matt Panton
Updated over a week ago

It's possible for a barcode scanner to read the wrong barcode number when scanning a heat seal barcode, especially if the barcode is faded or warped. In order to prevent barcodes from being read incorrectly, you can activate the Redundancy setting on your Honeywell scanners. This makes the scanner read the barcode a set number of times in order to make sure that each scan is identical before submitting the data. To turn this setting ON, print out this page and follow the three steps:

Step 1: Scan the Redundancy barcode below:

Step 2: Scan the "3" barcode below:

Step 3: Scan the "Save" barcode below:

Once you scan the "Save" barcode, the Redundancy setting should successfully be programmed.


If using Windows operating system 7 or above, the barcode below is required for the scanner to be used correctly.

Scan the USB HID Bar Code Scanner barcode below:

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