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Troubleshoot bluetooth scanner
Troubleshoot bluetooth scanner
Written by Matt Panton
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There can be multiple reasons a scanner stop functioning. Before buying new hardware or consult with SMRT Support we can test some simple steps to get back to work as soon as possible!

If you can connect

If your scanner connects with a phone/terminal but can't read some barcodes your scanner might not handle the format. Our software and phone cameras handles the Code128, ITF, Code39 and Code93 symbology. We also automatically try enable these on your scanner if you connect to any of our devices. Unfortunately that doesn't guarantee the hardware you have support the barcode symbology. Read the manual of your scanner to see if this is the case.

If you can't connect

Following is a list of steps you can try that might solve your issue. You can test if the scanner can connect to your phone or terminal in between each step.

Reset the scanner. When the scanner is On, hold the power button (little button on the side) then immediately the Scan button (large button on top) until you hear a 3 tune-beep signal. Press power button to re-start the scanner.

Restart the phone or terminal. Hold down the power button and select "Power off". When turned off press power button again to start.

Factory reset the scanner. This step varies between different scanners but what you need is a manual for your scanner and the steps are quite simple. First make sure you disconnected the scanner from any devices by turning it off and on again. Then look for a barcode in the user manual that says "Factory reset". Scan that barcode. If you have a socket 8Ci the factory reset barcode is below.

Once the factory reset is finished scan the SPP barcode below.

If you have a SocketScan 800 your steps look like this:

  1. disconnect the scanner from our phone/terminal

  2. Scan barcode on page 17, factory reset

  3. Scan barcode on page 15, SPP mode

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