Mobile Device Setup
Written by Matt Panton
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1. On initial setup connect to your wifi network, do not setup a google account.

2. Once initial setup is complete, go to Settings -> Security -> turn on “Unknown Sources”

3. Go to Settings->Display and set the Sleep Timeout to 5 or more minutes.

4. To install the SMRT App, Open a web browser and go to

5. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to download the app. Press OK.

6. The app will begin to download. You'll see an arrow in the top left of the screen. Swipe down on it to see the progress. Tap it once the download is complete then tap Install.

7. It should ask for the Company Code. Contact SMRT support to get your company code.

8. You will be asked to log in when you open the app. Make sure that you are logging in with an admins account.

9. Set the station to a Delivery station. If you don't have any delivery stations or are setting up a new phone, create a new Delivery Station. You will be prompted for a station name as well as a vehicle name. The vehicle name is what will display as the location of the tickets that have been scanned into the van.

10. Format the ViewSonic home screen so that only the SMRT Apps are showing.

11. Open the Delivery app and load your route.

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