Admin Panel Reports


This guide describes the reports in the admin panel.



1. Revenue: The Difference between Payments you've received and Refunds and Claims you've given. Filterable by a date range, payment type, and sales agent.

- Revenue Over Time graphs revenue across your selected date range.

- Revenue Report breaks down your revenue by sales agent and payment type.

- Transactions shows all transactions that make up the total revenue.

2. Deposits:  A detailed report showing a breakdown of revenue day by day for each MID you have. Starting day is selectable. Very useful for a book-keeper looking at daily transaction totals.

- Revenue grouped by Payment Type and Agent by day.

- Revenue grouped by Payment Type by day.

3. Refunds: Refunds issued, filterable by date range, and sales agent.

- Refunds Report shows the amount of refunds per payment type for each Agent.

- Transactions shows all transactions that make up the total refunds.


4. Credits & Claims: Record of credits that have been created or used and claims paid.

- Claims is transaction list for all claims paid within a timeframe filterable by agent.

- Credits shows tables for Credits Created and Credits Used grouped by the type of credit.

- Transactions is a detailed record of all credits created.


5. Sales: Displays different sales metrics within a set timeframe, filterable by agent.

- Produced Sales: Sales hit this graph when they become READY.

- Incoming Sales: Sales hit this report when an Order is CREATED and is grouped by Financial Departments.
- Outgoing Sales: Sales hit this report when an Order is PAID and is grouped by Financial Departments.

- Sales Tax on Accrued Sales breaks down sales tax on completed sales.

- Sales Tax on Cash Sales breaks down sales tax on paid sales.


5. Promotions: Breaks down sales by promotion for a time frame, filterable by agent.  Sales hit this report when they become READY.


6. Accounts Receivable: Is a historical accounts receivable report and ledger, filterable by agent and a time frame.

- A/R Balancing shows your starting day's balance, incoming A/R, outgoing A/R, and the end of the day balance.

- Ledger displays all transactions that affect A/R, such as Sales, Credits, Refunds, and Sale Correlations. 



- Items Assembled is a pie chart divided up into each category you have.   

Click on a category to see the breakdown of item types that make up the total for that category. 





1. Overview: A month-by-month snapshot of important metrics like Revenue per piece, New Customers, Sales per day, etc. 

2. PPOH (Pieces Per Operator Hour): Piece counts, value of pieces, hours worked and PPOH for each presser for a given time frame.



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