Delivering to a Locker

This guide explains what do to when using a phone or table to deliver to a locker.


1. Find an empty locker to put the customer's clothes in.

2. Go to the Racking function of the SMRT App.


3. Scan the barcode inside the locker.


4. Scan the tickets for the clothes you are putting in the locker. This will trigger the system to automatically send a text or email (depending on their preference) to the customer.


5. Go back to the route you are running in the delivery app.

6. Open the stop for the customer you just put in a locker.

7. Scan all the tickets you are putting in the locker again to mark them delivered.


8. Tap the Contact Customer icon, tap Call Customer to see their phone number.


9. Lock the locker using the last 4 digits of the customer's phone number as the combination. They will have already received a message telling them this is their combination.

10. Tap Done and repeat these steps for each locker customer.    



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