Building Assigned Account - In Store Pickup

Building Account Settings are primarily used to consolidate a large amount of customers delivery, to one building. Most building customers will not be picking up in store. This shouldn't happen too often, but in the off-chance it does, the pickup of these orders is a little different.


Building Customers will not have a Pickup Button located under the Pay button (even if there are Ready orders). These customers will also have a Building Icon located towards the top-middle of the screen.


To Pickup this Order, we will need to go directly to the Building. We can see what the building account's name is by typing in what is next to the Building Icon.

In this case, we need to find the Test Route 1 Master account to pickup this order. 



When we are on the Building Account, we will see that although there aren't any orders on the screen, there is a Pickup button. Select the Pickup Button and scan the invoice just like you would for any other pickup.


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